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Get the latest updates from the Dynamic Umar Saidu Isa. He composes and voices poems, anthems, documentaries, jingles & makes creative graphic designs.

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A MASTER OF CEREMONY (MC) Drenched with the creativity and professional skills to illuminate your event and keep yourr audience alive

*DO YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL MC TO ANCHOR YOUR EVENTS?* *LANGUAGES:* He can anchor in English,Yoruba and Nupe Languages *For all kinds Of Events:* *Wedding Ceremonies *Conferences e.t.c Umar Saidu Isa (The Dynamic Galvanizer) is just a call and chat away.He’s definitely gonna light up your event with his amazing skills Umar is the C.E.O ..
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See Photos and updates: Amazing photos from Umar Saidu Isa (The Dynamic Galvanizer)’s Conference,2019 Featuring Nollywood Actor, Funsho Adeolu

  Umar Saidu Isa (The Dynamic Galvanizer)’s Conference 2019 was indeed an Inspirational,Motivational and Funfilled Event (The Pictures Says It All).From Incredible poetry Performances and Life Changing talks by Umar Saidu Isa ,Nollywood Actor,Funsho Adeolu and other Talented Poets and intellectual speakers,to interesting games,Drama,interactive session and of course a photo session with the Dynamic Galvanizer ..
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4th May 2019:Umar Saidu Isa (The Dynamic Galvanizer)’s Inspirational and Motivational Conference

Special guest FUNSHO ADEOLU (Nollywood actor) Please Note: If you don’t have an ATM for the POS ticket payment,you can pair with a friend that has,to help you make your payment at the entrance   *ABOUT THE CONFERENCE* Umar Saidu Isa (The Dynamic Galvanizer),the C.E.O of Dynamic Galvanizer’s Empire (A poet,writer,inspirational and motivational speaker and singer,Orator,Voice-Over Artiste,Audio ..
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Dynamic Galvanizer’s Empire: Our Amazing Services

  CATEGORY 1 MEDIA and PUBLICITY/EVENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES: -Public Speaking Services(Inspirational and Motivational Talks,Poetry e.t.c for conferences,weddings e.t.c) -Composing and Voicing Of Audio Poems and Songs(For weddings e.t.c.) -Voice-over Services -Event MC Services -Composing and Voicing of Anthems -Making Of Jingles -Graphics Designing -Audio Production CATEGORY 2 RETAIL AND WHOLESALE TRADE -Sales Of Fabrics (Ankara,Guinea ..
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The Dynamic Poetic Umar

He is a seasoned and dynamic poet with inspirational, motivational and emotional writings and songs. He composes and voices Audio Poems and Audio Poetry Album either as rap, song or as recitation for wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies and anniversaries.