The Two unforgettable Advice My Late father (Alh.Saidu Isa) Gave To Me
                                              Written by Umar Saidu Isa (The Dynamic Galvanizer)

Obedience to parents is one of the pivotal Keys
To the doors of paradise
And the only thing that lives on
After their death is their words of Advice
That which will be beneficial
Only to the wise

My father (Alhaji Saidu Isa) never excluded these words
In his advice
“Ga lugwa shaytan shidzo yawo mo” meaning:
(Never let shaytan(The Devil) be your guide)
He said this,mostly
During my angry moments
Then he’ll go further to say:
“Ona be la eza  danbo na” Meaning:
(You will become someones husband oneday)
with this two statements
He is simply telling me
To be patient at all times

His second unforgettable Advice
Is that I should stand firmly
With both legs in the religion (Of  Islam)
His advice has occupied a large part in my heart
And In sha ala (By God’s Grace), I will never go against it

May Almighty Allah Forgive his (Alh. Saidu Isa) sins
And grant him Al-Jannat firdous
And may He Safe him
From every torment in the grave.Amin

Written by Umar Saidu Isa (The Dynamic Galvanizer)